We need constitutional values at all government levels

All elections are crucial to our freedom, but some are more crucial than others.  At a time when socialism is becoming more acceptable via the popularity of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, one has to wonder where our collective American head is.  Have nearly half our nation become so intellectually lazy that they don’t know what misery socialism would bring to us all?  Or are they convinced that the only way things can be socially just and fair would require that all of us be equally miserable?

It is not incomprehensible why America is so ill.  It has been turning its back on its Judeo-Christian roots and beliefs, rejecting God and rejecting the Constitution that made us the greatest country that has ever existed in history.  That condition is slowly slipping away from us.

In the midst of this, our leadership has become so wise in its own eyes that it can make glaring mistakes in reasoning and virtue and not know how far off the tracks it is.

I read not long ago that most law students do not study the Constitution, and that this has been going on for decades.  This has led to the idea that the Constitution is a “living” document, that is its meaning can be reinterpreted beyond what its writers ever intended, simply to suit some new condition.  Court cases are now, for the most part, settled according to precedent rather that constitutionality.

For example, a recent court case involving a church demonstrated that precedent can override constitutional rights.

The headline of the article on the Law of the Land website read, “4th Circuit Court of Appeals Holds Church Never had Reasonable Expectation to Use Property as Place of Worship.” The case involved a church that wanted to lease a building that was less than 100 feet from adjoining residential properties.

The city had written into its zoning code that for a property to be used as a community facility, it had to meet four conditions, one of which was “no building or structure, nor accessory building or structure is located within 100 feet of any side or rear property line which is zoned single-family residential.”  The church requested a variance from the city, but was denied “because the property could be used for other purposes without a variance and because denial of a variance would not cause Andon (the owner of the property) a hardship unique among other commercial property owners in the vicinity.”  That is, others would be allowed to transgress this law, but not a church.

In this and other situations, property owners can be denied the use of their property as they see fit simply because rules can be arbitrarily or discriminately written because the courts have previously and erroneously upheld the denial of constitutional rights.  It is now stated within our legal system that as long as we violate everyone’s rights equally, it is acceptable to violate any individual’s rights.  But is also upheld in our current system that there are exceptions to this rule, one of which is that we can enforce different rules for churches than for others, then when a case is adjudicated, tell the church that they are not being discriminated against because they are being treated the same as everyone else.  Does anyone else see a problem with that?

When and how does this change?  Ultimately, it belongs with average citizens being observant enough to see what is happening and being interested enough in the plight of others to engage in educating themselves and others to the point that the leadership we elect can prevent our Constitution and the rights it gives us from being diminished to its destruction and a point of no return.  What price are we willing to pay to keep America free, but even more perplexing is the question, are we really willing to give up our freedoms for a so-called peace?  It seems that those in America who are calling for the election of Bernie or Hillary may well be doing just that.

To remain free, and frankly to remain at peace within our nation, this country desperately needs Godly men and women in places of leadership, and men and women who know and understand what the Constitution says and means.  There are far too few people left who can do that, because Progressive proponents over the last century have done a spectacular job of infiltrating our school systems, our academic institutions, our seats of government, and especially our courts.

To be certain, the presidency is important, but equally important are those running for state legislatures, city government and school boards.  What a vastly different and more wonderful this country would be if those who hold those seats simply had the right values.