Editorial: Wealth redistribution as ‘science’

A “scientist” on a show on the Fox News Channel recently said that ISIS was formed as a result of global warming.


This “expert” said that tens of thousands of Arabs turned to terrorism, beheadings and burning people in cages because of the temperature of the Earth. And as a result, Americans (not the rest of the world) need to pay a carbon tax to discourage the use of “carbon fuels” and as restitution to everyone else because of our greedy use of energy.

How did global warming create ISIS?

The expert said there were three straight droughts during the growing season in the “breadbasket of Syria.” Those Syrian farmers had to abandon their lands and they turned to terrorism.

It’s interesting to note that when Oklahoma farmers went bust during the Dust Bowl and migrated to California, they didn’t turn to terrorism or start beheading people.

Global warming (which has morphed into “climate change” because that is more palatable) is a thinly disguised movement for wealth redistribution. It is designed to eliminate cheap energy and to make Americans more dependent on a larger, more centralized federal government.

The biggest losers in Obama’s War on Coal are poor people as they pay their electric bills.

And the strategy to convince Americans that global warming is real is to trot out these pinhead scientists with their federal grants who make outrageous comments that they try to support in ultra-liberal trade journals.

Obama says over and over again that global warming is “settled science.” He means that there must be no further discussion and no one may question his viewpoint.

But anyone with an ounce of common sense understands that mythical global warming did not create Islamic terrorism in the Middle East.