Editorial: What ‘pro-life’ really should mean

Here is the litmus test for candidates in 2018 – do they want to end abortion in Oklahoma and America?

All of the major state offices, all of the spots in the Oklahoma House and half of the offices in the Oklahoma Senate could be up for grabs. Oklahoma could have races in all five U.S. House district. We will elect a new governor and there are a host of municipal, county and school board races on tap in 2018.

Here’s how you win in Oklahoma. First, you switch parties from Democrat to Republican. Then you identify yourself as a “conservative” and you talk about how you go to church. Finally, you call yourself “pro-life.”

What is “pro-life”?

Most people think that means you are opposed to the murder of unborn babies. But for many candidates, it really means they will selectively support legislation that slows down the rate of murder of the unborn. They think it is fine to support abortion in cases of rape and incest. Some think it is OK to let the mother and her doctor decide if they should murder the baby in her womb for the sake of her convenience.

Don’t expect candidates to put on their campaign literature that they support abortion in any fashion. But so many when they get elected will take no steps whatsoever to end this horrible carnage.

They are some who truly work to stop abortion because they understand that despite its legalization, it is murder of innocent humans. These leaders are sometimes difficult to find but they are champions. The liberal media cleverly disguises this “pro-life” charade by candidates and the public winds up electing “pro-life” and “conservative” officials who are neither.

Voters need the truth in 2018. It is a matter of life and death for unborn babies.