What’s at Stake?

For nearly eight years, people have wondered what President Obama is up to.

What were his plans and what type of legacy would he leave behind?

It really is not a difficult question to answer if you consider that America’s enemies are not Mr. Obama’s enemies. His enemies are American institutions and basically – you and I.

Don’t be surprised that the president will do his level best over the next eight months to make matters worse.

In nearly every aspect of life, Mr. Obama has left a trail of misery which may never be repaired.

The sad commentary is that through it all, Republican leaders, the loyal opposition, have done almost nothing to stop the progression of bad policy.  That in itself is why there is no trust with Washington insiders and those who hold office or are former officeholders.

Open borders have allowed millions of people to flaunt the law and be supported by American taxpayers.  Are race relations better with a black president?  No, he has made things worse.

The president has used executive orders to circumvent Congress.  He has degraded America’s military and squandered opportunities to stabilize the Middle East, such as early withdrawal from Iraq and the assassination of Muammar Gaddafi.

Obamacare and Dodd Frank have been ruinous to health care and the financial industry and have contributed to the $ 10 trillion the president has added to the national debt.

Our trade policies have driven American jobs overseas and made middle Americans poorer.

The U.S. military is a broken institution that is not better with infantry women and gays.

American business and individuals have been subjected to IRS intrusions and many companies have been closed through government regulation.  The president’s apology tours have only lessened the respect we once held after World War II and the demise of the Soviet Union.

After nearly eight years of Mr. Obama, the world remains a very dangerous place.  President Clinton assured Americans that North Korea would never possess nuclear weapons.  He even bribed them.  They have the weapons and are working on a delivery system.  President Obama has made similar assurances about Iran and even bribed them with $150 billion.

Americans now know they have been lied to.  They sense that their futures maybe bleak and uncertain.  That is why they are listening to and reaching out to outsiders for leadership and direction.

The man that average Americans admire and feel can institute new policies is Donald Trump.

Mr. Trump speaks about issues that most politicians see as taboo.  They are paralyzed over political correctness. Tens of thousands of Americans come to Trump rallies. Nearly 60 percent more Americans have voted in Republican primaries as a result of the Trump candidacy. As Steve Schmidt, a senior strategist for John McCain’s 2008 Republican Presidential campaign said, “The ‘never Trump’ movement is unarguably one of the most ineffectual political movements in the history of American politics.”

Mr. Trump took over 60 percent of New York’s primary vote.  His dominance has left the Cruz campaign with $8.8 million on hand and the Kasich Campaign with $1.2 million going into this week’s campaign in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Maryland.

In all likelihood Donald Trump will arrive at the National Convention with 1,237 delegates and a will to make American great again.