Where you get your news is important

There has been an increasing trend in news today to abandon time-honored journalistic standards of objectivity in writing and reporting. Media bias or “perceived” bias is rampant in all forms of media whether it be television, talk radio, on-line  or even in your local newspaper.

Jim A. Kuypers’ book, Press Bias & Politics – How the Media Frames Controversial Issues, details how the mainstream print press today operates within a narrow range of “liberal beliefs.”

It explains how, if you even express a moderate or conservative point of view, you are actively denigrated or viewed as holding a minority point of view.

Kuypers goes on to say in his research “that if a politician – regardless of party – speaks outside of this ‘liberal range,’ he or she would receive negative press or be ignored.”

He also says, “This is also true in editorial or opinion pages as in hard news. Don’t we see this liberal  bent all the time in social, family or moral ethical issues?” Something to think about.

I have always held the belief that – just like the books we read – where we get our news from does matter because it will eventually affect our worldview in some way. “What goes in does eventually come out…” Winston Churchill once said, “There is no such thing as public opinion, only published opinion.”

That is why it is so contingent on us as an informed citizenry to be discerning. Scholarly  sources say that ”media bias” occurs  because of one or more of the following 1.) Ownership of the news source 2.) Pressures from corporate entities or its advertisers 3.) Media funding or 4.) Concision – which is the cutting out of other viewpoints to cater to special interests.

Don’t we see this all the time both nationally and locally ? Someone once said “Prejudice is a great timesaver…because you can form opinions without having to get the facts.” Couldn’t be more true when you look at all the sensationalism in news today without the absence of credible verifiable truth.

That is why we have seen such a rise of more conservative news sources on television, on-line blogs and print media over the last decade. The informed citizen is recognizing the “liberal agenda” and turning to more reasonable  and reputable sources for its news. They are tired of the “rush to judgment” without having the facts just to sell papers or air time.

That is why I have been a strong supporter of media sources like the  – “ Tulsa’s Family Newspaper”

First of all,  the ownership is not influenced by the built in bias of staff or corporate entities that refuse to consider all points of views.

Secondly, they have a conservative editorial policy that aligns with most Oklahomans and have been unabashedly proud of standing up for family values in their news and editorial columns. We are also fortunate to have some great Talk Radio here in Tulsa that report the news with a objective perspective for its listeners. These are the news outlets that are thriving because this is what readers and listeners want.

With all the media bias going on today and everyone’s opinion or “comments” being scattered across the Internet and in newsprint,  it would be helpful for all of us to remember another quote from that same Winston Churchill: “Men occasionally stumble over the truth …but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing happened.”

This certainly describes the “bias” we see in the news today and what we as informed citizens should really guard against. 1 John 4:1 basically tells all of us “not to believe everything we hear but to test the “spirits” to see where it comes from.

Something we should all consider.