Which One Is Right?

In early December, two op-ed pieces appeared on the same page of the Wall Street Journal.  The first article, written by Daniel Henninger, was entitled, “Law and Order Returns.”  The second was written by the Bush family operative Karl Rove entitled, “Trump is the Democrats’ Dream Nominee.”

Mr. Henninger begins by saying that after December 2 – with the massacre in San Bernardino – that law and order as an issue has returned to national politics.

From 1968 into the 1980s, law and order was a domestic issue. Especially after the 1968 Democrat National Convention in Chicago. Today for the Obama Democrats, it’s an everywhere problem.

You may recall just hours before the Paris shootings, Mr. Obama had assured Americans that ISIS was contained and only days before San Bernardino, he had said “there was no credible evidence” of any threat to the heartland.

Being “soft on crime” and “leading from behind on terrorists” are phrases being used to again describe the modern Democrat Party.  “The pieces are now falling into place for another law and order presidential campaign.”

These are indeed troubling times.  Everywhere one looks to the president and his policies appear weak.  There was Ferguson; Baltimore, soaring murder rates in Chicago; the rise of the Islamic state; Benghazi; Charlie Hebdo; open borders and Syrian refugees; Paris; and lastly, San Bernardino.

Americans today are worried about their safety and that of the country.  They know their military has been drastically reduced and all the gays and girls cannot replace a male combat soldier. They also are getting fed up with political correctness and climate change as the defining issue of our time.

Hillary Clinton, like Hubert Humphrey, will not be able to fully distance herself from the president’s lack of outrage. She voted for the Iraqi War and was the main proponent of handing Libya to ISIS.

In Mr. Rove’s article, he argues that most Americans are more concerned with Donald Trump’s antics – like calling his GOP competitors “losers and clowns,” dismissing John McCain’s POW record or mocking Megyn Kelly – than worrying about most any other issue.  He then points to surveys showing Hillary Clinton destroying Trump on issues of sharing values, caring about people, trustworthy and honesty.  He also claims Mr. Trump is only polling in the 20s when the number is closer to 50s.

In actuality, the Paul Ryan budget will play into Mr. Trump’s popularity as will any executive order limiting gun ownership.  Mr. Rove is a creature of the beltway or the establishment.  His job with the Bush family is secure.

Mr. Rove ends by suggesting that the Democrats might think about running ads against such a target-rich candidate as Donald Trump with commentary from all those contractors, small business people and bondholders hurt when Trump companies used the bankruptcy laws.

To date, no ex-wife or business partner has come forward to say anything negative about Mr. Trump. Mr. Rove is wrong  -people are not scared about words.  They are worried about their job, their children’s prospects and safety.