Editorial: Who cares what Bob Dole thinks?

Former U.S. Sen. Bob Dole, R-Kansas, said Republicans shouldn’t vote for U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz for president because “nobody likes him.”

Dole, 92, was referring to members of Congress. He warned that the Republicans would suffer “cataclysmic” and  “wholesale losses” should Cruz win the GOP nomination for president.

“I question his allegiance to the party,” Dole says of Cruz; “I don’t know how often you’ve heard him say the word ‘Republican’ — not very often.”

Dole told MSNBC that if Cruz wins the nomination, on election day, “Well, I would — I might oversleep that day.”

This should make Republicans support Cruz all the more.

Dole represents the Republican Establishment. They want a candidate that pretends to be conservative but then governs like a moderate.

Cruz is a threat to the Republican status quo in Congress. If he becomes president, Americans will be able to distinguish between Republicans and Democrats in terms of policy.

Establishment Republicans like Dole don’t control Cruz and therefore he is a threat to their big government philosophies.

In the Senate, Cruz has taken bold stands to rally Republicans to vote for the things they promised in their campaigns. Unlike most congressmen, he will not rush to compromise.

The Republican Establishment gave us Bob Dole in 1996, Sen. John McCain in 2008 and Mitt Romney in 2012. It was “their turn” to run because they played ball with political power brokers.

They all lost and gave us Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

Cruz can win and restore American values and prosperity.

Drawing criticism from Bob Dole is a badge of honor.