Editorial: Who cares what Durant thinks?

Kevin Durant doesn’t like President Donald Trump and he isn’t ashamed to say so in public.

In August, Durant was in Prince George’s County, Maryland (about 30 minutes from the White House) and Durant said he would not meet with Trump in the White House.

It is a custom for teams that win national titles to pay a visit to the White House to celebrate. Durant abandoned Oklahoma City to chase an NBA title with Golden State and they won.

So far, there has been no official invitation but Durant and teammates Andre Iguodala, Shaun Livingston and David West undoubtedly would join a boycott should the Warriors decide to visit Trump in the White House.

Other NBA stars and former stars – Ray Allen, Steve Nash, Dwayne Wade and LeBron James – have made hateful public statements about President Trump.

Former NBA player Charles Barkley once famously said he was not a “role model” and in this instance, Durant and his liberal pals don’t match up either.

Really, Durant plays a game for a living and his team is in the most liberal and morally bankrupt major city in America.

If Durant wanted to be a role model, he would accept an invitation to the White House and have a meaningful discussion with President Trump. I know Trump would be cordial and listen.

But no. Famous basketball players and football players feel they need to make political statements. They essentially are saying they don’t want a white Republican president in the White House.

Imagine if white basketball players refused to go the White House in protest against Barack Obama? The liberal news media would have had a fit.

Durant is off base here and thank goodness he can’t embarrass Oklahoma City anymore.