Who knows what Democrats will do to change the electoral vote?

Now that we have finished our annual pause to thank God, our Creator of everything that is, we move into the Christmas shopping season already in full swing. In fact, it seems that some merchants and customers have been involved since Labor Day. More on that later on.

It has been quite a change and more comforting to me to observe, and hear reported, the aggressive way in which President-elect Trump (The Donald) has plunged into the rather extensive campaign toward filling his future staff.

It appears to me that we have elected a man who will act like the leader that he is used to being and that we will actually begin to receive our money’s worth from the massive cost of having a president. He is impressive in the energy and stamina he applies into his program, especially for a man in the seventh decade.

I thought I was good at that age, but he certainly exceeds anything I hoped to perform then.

However, information reaching me indicates that it will not be smart to let our guard down at any time during the next four, or maybe eight, years. Reports keep surfacing of attempts by Democrat activists, probably of the Communist/Socialist persuasion, using a large number of tactics in attempts to induce Republican presidential electors to change their vote on December 20, when the electors will gather in most state capitols to cast the “official” ballots. After that is done, the various secretaries of state will attest the results to be sent to Congress. After convening the next session, the certified elector ballots will be tabulated and the election will then be certified as official.

Having been an elector in the 2000 election, my memory is still clear on the procedures, as well as on the harassment from the day after the general election until (back then) December 18. Calls, and one letter, were coming in at all hours from around the nation and world attempting to induce me to change my vote.

My middle son, living in Colorado, advised me that their electors were receiving death threats if they would not change their vote to Al Gore.

One such caller, from Washington D.C., claiming to be a reporter(ette), was more demanding, but backed off when informed that Oklahoma was one of the states with a law prohibiting an elector from voting for other than the candidate(s) for whom the elector’s name appeared with on the ballot.

I also received was a rather threatening letter from a man in Brooklyn New York, but nothing further was heard. The Bush/Cheney campaign reserved rooms in the same hotel on Sunday, the night before, for the eight electors and alternates (believing that there was a real personal threat to each of us) and held a dinner for all of us (including companions) that evening hosted by former Governor Frank Keating. My guess was to keep us from being out on the town separately looking for eating places and thus being in personal danger. All went down the next day without problems.

This serves to point out the lengths to which activists of the other party will go to be certain that their candidate will win and thus thwart the will of the people and keep them in power. The quest and lust for power is what drives them. There are some who will do anything, legal or not, to secure and preserve the power over all the rest that they crave. In my opinion, that sort of attitude is what has placed our nation in the problematic situation we now find it and have attempted to reverse by the votes we have cast.

Already there has been an uproar to begin the process of a constitutional amendment to abolish the Electoral College. This would complete the destruction of the republic we were delivered in 1788 by ratification of the Constitution by 9 states. It seems there has been a continual and strong effort to accomplish that since the administration of Woodrow Wilson early in the last century, reportedly with the instigation of a Col. House, his Chief of Staff.