Editorial: Why go see the musical Hamilton?

The hit musical Hamilton is headed to Tulsa for a limited run in the summer of 2019.

Normally, patriotic Americans in Tulsa and Northeastern would love to sit through a musical celebrating the early days of our republic.

But there is a dark shadow over this production.

In late 2016, Vice President Mike Pence attended the play with the expectation of a nice evening of entertainment with his family.

Instead, at the end of the production, Pence got a lecture on the “evils” of President Donald Trump. It seems that the cast of what is supposed to be a patriotic production is filled with liberals who don’t care much for the democratic processes.

That cast is not the touring cast and will certainly won’t be the ones on stage in Tulsa.  But why would any freedom-loving American pay good money to see this musical? There’s always a chance the touring cast might launch into another progressive lecture.

President Trump is so much closer to the Founders’ vision of a citizen-legislator than any of those radicals on stage. Hollywood hates Trump because he embodies traditional values. He respects Christian values and they (for the most part) don ‘t. Any star who comes out as a conservative is immediately blackballed.

Tulsa’s local liberal media will fall all over themselves to promote Hamilton. Of course, Mayor G.T. Bynum, who is no conservative, will be giddy over a Broadway musical that criticized Trump.

Celebrity Attractions was founded by a Christian but it keeps drifting from its origins. Conservative Christians could send a strong message by not patronizing a production that seems to promote America while criticizing its core values.