Letter to the editor: Why would you vote for a Democrat?

What is truth?

This was, of course, a question from Pilot – the governor who judged Jesus Christ. As repeated history keeps telling us, too many do not hear the answer given by Christ: “Hear my words.”

Today, the national media, the Democrats (or Pravda as Russia called their propaganda ministry), etc., seem to feel the people have no right to choose who represents them. The Democrats (or the Democrat National Committee – DNC) seem to feel that we “serfs” elected Trump and the Republicans (contrary to instructions from the new royalty) guess they think they are the new king or queen of England.

We have judges who say we cannot restrict people from coming to the United States who may well be here to kill our citizens. If a person fits that profile, perhaps we need to take a closer look. It makes me wonder if many of our judges did not spend some of their youth marching in protests. I also wonder if they understand what they were protesting. It seems many may have obtained their degrees by making threats to universities, you know the ones who say, “We will burn this place down if you do not give us our degree.” One would hope that isn’t true but then, it does raise the question.

In the past, I spent several decades as a registered Democrat. Then that party seemed to want all the control and money to flow through Washington, D.C. – so I changed the error of my ways. Now, I guess we have to vote against anyone who chooses to wear the DNC label. Perhaps some sanity can return to their party.