With Trump as president, the United States has a bright future

Now that PRESDT has been in office for over five months, we can look back at his record and not the record of Congress and see what may be expected for the rest of his first term. From where my viewpoint starts, the record appears to be rather encouraging, at least for those of us who revere the Constitution as the real law of the land and the United States to once again be respected and looked to for world leadership by the rest of the civilized nations.

While PRESDT was not my first choice to assume the mantle of Republican nominee for president, in retrospect it seems to me that he may very well have been the only one of the 18 candidates for the nomination with a favorable chance of victory last November.

In my recollection, dating back to 1930, no incoming president has equaled the manner in which PRESDT literally hit the ground running to correct past errors in action and judgment of administrations going back to that first one of F. D. Roosevelt in 1933. That is not to mention those in the earlier years of the twentieth century, of which history records many and some really large, such as the passage of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth amendments to the Constitution (which allowed the income tax to be placed in law and the election of U.S. senators changed from the state governments to the general election process).

Nevertheless, The Donald has accomplished more than had been my wildest dreams in this short period of time, all despite the vehement opposition, full of lies, executed by the socialist mainstream media personnel, Democrat leadership, and even so-called “never Trumpers” (who are RINOS). It appears to me that he has gained the admiration, attention, respect, and cooperation of a substantial percentage of the leaders of other nations.

It is refreshing to listen to a person who seems to really mean what he says and then to proceed to move to accomplish the outlined goals. My sources indicate that the moral level of personnel in our military and border control unit has risen to the highest level in decades. Some in the military have put off retirement and stuck it out with the poor (even criminal in my opinion)  rules of engagement. A few conveyed to me, “I don’t want the signature on my retirement to be Obama”  and they may even change their minds, if continued service is an option for them.

Unfortunately, some in high congressional leadership positions seem to have a heavy foot on the brake in slowing or preventing the passage of legislation necessary to fulfill his promised goals. Such individuals, in my opinion, should be involuntarily’ retired at the next election. Along that line it has long been a concern, and surprise, to me how legislative bodies seem to continually elect as leaders individuals who in my opinion represent the very worst (from a national or state benefit basis) of the membership of the respective house. That has been true here in Oklahoma as well as elsewhere.

Again, the ultimate blame for this should lie with the individual voters who send these people back to do their damage. In some cases, admittedly, it is because they do not have truthful information from media sources and lack the time, energy, and/or resources to seek out the truth. In other cases care is not present and the vote is for the party name, no matter who is on the ballot. Alternatively, there are numbers of situations where the candidate is most vocal on one side of an issue and in office takes the exact opposite position, even seeking to cover up the actual vote on an issue.

In any case, the massive ship, known as economy, seems to be turning as most indications have been showing substantial improvement.

There are even reports of good jobs being unfilled because of a lack of qualified applicants. Part of that may be due to improper education or training in proper conduct in the fulfillment of the duties. Still, the reported unemployment levels have declined, except in those states and cities that have enacted exorbitant minimum wage laws and rules.

All in all, my outlook is more optimistic than for many years. A huge factor was the nomination and approval of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court. Is seems like his legal outlook may have rubbed off on some of the more unconstitutional-oriented fellow justices. If this continues, we could see really major improvements in the overall well-being of the nation, the states, and we citizens on what is still the greatest nation in the history of the world.

However, it would be a mistake of the first order to decide to sit back and rest on our laurels that all is taken care of. We must be alert and hold their feet to the fire.