Editorial: ‘Woman of the year’ is not one

It looks like Glamour Magazine will name Bruce Jenner its “woman of the year” for 2015.


Jenner is the former Olympic athlete who won a gold medal and then married into the Kardashian clan. He shocked the normal world earlier this year by announcing that he “wanted to become a woman.”

Jenner apparently has had feminizing surgery and is taking hormones to appear more like a woman. He is dressing like a woman all the time and the progressive crowd is crowing about an American hero “changing his sex.”

ESPN gave Jenner an award for courage and he got a phone call from President Obama, who saluted his valor for putting on a dress and wearing makeup like a woman.

Bruce Jenner is not a woman. Feminists are furious that Glamour Magazine would name someone who is not a woman as woman of the year.

Jenner may dress like a woman but regardless of his hormone treatments or surgery, his DNA proves he is a male.

Instead of using his fame to promote wholesomeness, his campaign now is for America to embrace homosexuality so that confused teens won’t commit suicide because they think they are homosexuals.

Jenner was married three times and has a number of children. His problem is that he likes to dress like a woman and some therapist has convinced him that he should be a woman (which is impossible). And his message to children is that they should decide which sex they are – they don’t have to accept their God-given gender.

Jenner would be a better candidate for “bad role model of the year.”