Working Through the Process

Peggy Noonan in her Wall Street Journal Saturday column wrote that President Trump has overloaded all circuits.  Everyone, left, right and center, feels the earth is unsteady under their feet.  Too much is happening.  At parties, dinners and gatherings, the decibel level hits the ceiling right away and stays there.

Ms. Noonan also says last weeks’ executive order on immigration continues to reverberate.  There was no Republican in Washington, not one, on the Hill or within the party structure who did not privately call the order a disaster.  It didn’t matter that the seven countries picked to limit immigration where countries picked by the Obama administration.  It also didn’t matter that those who voted for President Trump were worried about two things, jobs and security.  The president is in charge of security – not the courts.

Ms. Noonan goes on to say the furtiveness and timing of the order opened the administration to charges of smallness and bigotry. She said it obscured a widening of the government’s laws and giving refugees a welcome and justified prioritizing of persecuted religious minorities, including the Christians and Yazidis of Syria.

Pausing on opening the country to people who have not been properly vetted is not wrong.  No one was hurt, just inconvenienced.  This is in contrast to what happened in 1979 under President Jimmy Carter.

You may recall that millions of Cambodians were brutalized within their own country.  Cambodians fled to Thailand by the thousands.

In his article, Seth Lipsky writes that the Thais were being overwhelmed with refugees, many having clawed their way up a cliff to escape the communist killing fields.

In June 1979, President Carter refused to allow 40,000 Cambodians to move to the United States.  As a result the exasperated Thais rounded up the refugees at gunpoint and put them on buses for the border.  Then the refugees were forced to clamber down the steep hillsides back into Cambodia, where according to scholars, the first wave “stumbled into a minefield.”  Many others died in more horrible ways.

Mr. Lipsky of the New York Sun says the American people are within their rights to bring in a president pledged to suspend refugee visas until we can get on top of the situation.

Back to Ms. Noonan’s article, she says the Congress of the United States is not composed of meek and modest human beings.  Maybe not, but most Republicans think that those running our party are.

By allowing President Obama to use executive orders to bypass Congress and upset tradition values and institutions, they have contributed to the national mood.

Ms. Noonan says the handling of the order allowed the organized left to show its might, igniting big demonstrations throughout major cities.  You should never let your enemy know its own strength.  They discovered it in the women’s march, know it more deeply now and demonstrated it to the Democrats on the hill.

That is why it is so important to allow the Trump Revolution to carry on and not be slowed by Republicans wishing to appease the press and its left.  The Trump cabinet picks should be passed this week.  Any open spots on the federal bench or appeals court should be quickly filled so the left cannot again use the courts to circumvent the people’s will.

Trying to slow down the changes that need to be made only will make it harder when the Democrats get their second wind.