Editorial: Wrong-headed congratulations

How wrong-headed is our culture?

Here’s an example.

Kansas State offensive lineman Scott Frantz publicly announced he was a homosexual. He is perhaps the only NCAA major college football player to make such an announcement.

Instead of suggesting that he get counseling to straighten out his mixed up life, he is being praised for his “courage” and “honesty” for admitting that he likes to have sex with men instead of women.

You would think that Kansas State coach Bill Snyder would have handled this situation in a manner to help this confused young man rather than encouraging him to make his perverted sex life a public issue.

“We talked about it for an extensive period of time, and what impressed me so much and allowed me to contact (ESPN personality) Holly (Rowe) about it was the fact that he wanted to do it for the right reasons, number one, and it wasn’t about exposing him to the media as such or making himself a national figure,” Snyder said. “What he wanted to do was help others, number one. That was important.”

His coach helps him go on ESPN (one of the most liberal cable channels) because he wants to declare his homosexuality “for the right reasons?” Does Snyder really believe that encouraging other young men to embrace homosexual impulses is good for anyone?

“I’m proud of him,” Snyder said.

Homosexuals love to recruit young people into their lifestyles. They insist that once you are a homosexual, you cannot change (even though they preach that a heterosexual can easily become a homosexual).

You reap what you sow. Encouraging sex outside of marriage – especially homosexuality – comes with a price.