Wycliffe Associates is breaking ties

Wycliffe Associates, an international organization that involves people in the advancement of Bible translation, has announced that it is not renewing its affiliation with the Wycliffe Global Alliance, a network of Bible translation organizations formed in 1991. Wycliffe Associates has been serving Bible translation since 1967.

The decision was made by the Wycliffe Associates board of trustees at their February 26 meeting, and announced by Wycliffe Associates President Bruce Smith on March 1, 2016 to staff and volunteers in Orlando, Florida. The decision is also being communicated to global partners in person, by phone, and by email.

Smith cited several reasons for Wycliffe Associates’ departure. The first is Wycliffe Associates’ commitment to support only Bible translations that use literal common language for Father and Son of God. The Wycliffe Global Alliance includes Bible translation agencies that do not include Father and Son of God in some translations of the Scriptures.

“For Wycliffe Associates, literal translation of Father and Son of God is not negotiable,” Smith said in his public statement.

Additionally, Wycliffe Associates plans to provide open-license Bible resources to its church partners to further accelerate the work of Bible translation and supports local church authority for translation quality.

Smith said, “The local body of Christ has both the responsibility and authority as stewards of God’s Word in their language. Wycliffe Associates supports the Church’s authority in Bible translation.”

Wycliffe Associates will continue to operate under the same name, holding to the principles followed by its namesake, John Wycliffe, in accurately translating the Scriptures.

The Orlando-based organization is accelerating the work of Bible translation in 75 countries with resources, training, and technology. Its vision is to see the entire Bible in every language by the year 2025.