You can’t depend on the government for your good health

If you have your health, you can deal with a lot of adversity.

I am relatively healthy for a person my age. I exercise (too little) and I try to eat healthy foods. I try not to eat many processed foods, fast foods or junk food. You are what you eat.

I go to my chiropractor, Dr. Matt Hunt, every other week for an adjustment.  In 15 years of publishing a weekly newspaper, I have never missed more than a day or two of work due to illness.

I don’t drink alcohol and I don’t smoke. I never have. I just don’t like the taste of alcohol.

But over the years, my friends and family have undergone numerous illnesses and that has added to my medical knowledge.

My late brother Tom had polycystic kidney disease, a genetic condition that that erodes the function of your kidneys. My Dad had knee replacement surgery, as did my late aunt, his sister.

Twenty years ago, I was dealing with kidney stones. I became an avid water drinker and that problem has virtually disappeared. Trust me, you don’t want to pass a kidney stone.

Some friends have experienced prostate cancer. Prostate problems apparently plague men in later years. Some of these longtime friends had surgery (which didn’t always go well) and some didn’t.

Other friends have had cancer: breast cancer, colon cancer and skin cancers. Most were treated and recovered, even though for some it is a long process.

Knee replacement seems to be very popular, especially with people who were athletic when they were younger. I hurt my knee playing basketball in 1980 and except for a little instability at times, it causes me no pain.

A dear friend in his mid-fifties died from a brain aneurism. He was mowing his lawn in the summer heat and developed an intense headache. A day or two later, he was gone.

I know some young men who developed lung problems. One case healed by itself and another required surgery.

Oklahoma is rough on people with allergies. I know of one woman who had more than 200 allergies identified by Dr. Darwin Olson. There is hope for those with serious allergies.

A neighbor in his eighties has developed eye problems and it’s starting to limit his ability to drive.

Almost all of my friends my age are on some daily prescribed drug (usually for high blood pressure, high cholesterol or an antidepressant). While I am not against taking drugs, I don’t take anything on a daily basis but vitamins. America is way over-medicated.

Do you know what a sebaceous cyst is? I didn’t until I got one. They are small pockets of fat that form under your skin due to glands. They are harmless but you have to go to a doctor to get them lanced (if infected).

It’s amazing how important foot health is. Bunions are bony bumps at the base of your big toe that throw your foot out of alignment and can lead to arthritis. Gout, caused by an excess of uric acid in your bloodstream, usually is signaled by a lot of pain in your big toes.

I know folks who have had heart attacks and strokes. Thank goodness that we have good hospitals in our country and people who would have died thirty years ago can now survive and recover fully. An elderly friend from church had a stroke and he couldn’t talk for several weeks but later recovered.

Dental health is critical. One of my regrets in life is that I didn’t floss my teeth every day when I was young. I do now. Dental techniques are really advanced (and expensive). When I was a boy, it seemed everyone in my family age 50 and older got false teeth.

My wife was trained as a medical technologist and she is the medical expert in our family. My only beef with medical doctors is that they generally tend to treat the symptoms with drugs rather than getting to the root cause. Many discount the impact that diet has on almost every malady.

There is a growing controversy about vaccinations for children. I think we are overdoing the number of vaccines and they are giving them too closely together.

Here’s my point.

Americans have medical problems and we need care. Prevention is the best strategy.

Obamacare is not the answer. Almost everyone I know is paying more for health care treatment because of this attempt to socialize medicine in America.

Premiums are through the roof. Deductibles are sky high. Doctors are so discouraged, they are leaving the profession. Hospital bills are outrageous.

America needs genuine health care reform and to toss out every provision of Obamacare. It is damaging the nation.

Of course, we all need The Great Physician (Almighty God) and I try to thank Him every day for the measure of health I have.

It would be a plus if we didn’t have to fight our own government to stay healthy.