You have to rewrite history to believe what Taylor is saying

March 21, 2013
Charles Biggs

Kathy Taylor needs to promote some “revisionist” history to have any chance of being elected mayor again. But as we know, liberal Democrats have a great knack for making sure even recent history casts them in a good light.

Here are some doozies:

On her website, Taylor takes credit for “Tulsa Hills (Shopping Center).” What? Former City Councilor Chris Medlock was the force behind Tulsa Hills. Medlock understood that Tulsa needed more retail because the city runs on sales tax. Taylor claims she “moved forward with an innovative financing package” when the truth is that financing was set long before she took office.

Taylor claims she saved the Tulsa Drillers by bringing baseball “downtown.” The truth is that the Drillers were housed in a perfectly good park on the Fairgrounds. Taylor and her chamber buddies schemed to build a new park downtown on the backs of property owners near the park. The property owners sued the city because they were being taxed without any kind of benefit or a vote of the people.

The baseball park is not an example of “economic development” as much as it is of greedy, powerful businessmen who want the taxpayer to finance projects in Downtown Tulsa to increase their property values.

Taylor’s website claims she helped small business and that is just hogwash. As mayor, she targeted marquis businesses like American Airlines and small businesses got no help for what they really need – more access to capital and fewer municipal regulations.

Taylor claims she “rebuilt our crumbling infrastructure.” Oh really? If she drove anywhere outside of where her Midtown mansion is located, she would see that Tulsa’s “crumbling” streets have not been rebuilt. Thanks to Taylor, Tulsa hasn’t had an street widening projects in South Tulsa – where it is needed most – in years.

Taylor claims she finished the BOK Center “on time and on budget.” The truth is that center cost millions more than estimated in during the 2003 Vision 2025 vote and now the center – which was supposed to be making a ton of money – is asking the city for millions in the upcoming street bond vote for repairs for a center that is only a few years old.

Taylor brags about her impact on public education. Municipal government has nothing to do with education. She loved getting her picture taken reading to kindergarten classes but that’s just window dressing – it’s not the job of the mayor.

Tulsa is a conservative, Christian city. Taylor is just the opposite. She brags about working for ex-Gov. Brad Henry, arguably the least effective and most liberal governor in the history of the state. Henry brought Oklahoma the lottery and gambling (we now have more than 115 casinos).

The Tulsa media – especially the Tulsa World – will not paint a true picture of Taylor. Tulsa magazines, newspapers, television stations and radio stations will get thousands (maybe hundreds of thousands) of dollars in campaign money from the Taylor campaign, and as a consequence, she will be beloved by the liberal media (especially KOTV).

She won’t answer calls or e-mails from the Tulsa Beacon. And while she was mayor, we got erased from the press release list from her office. KFAQ and KCFO got similar treatment.

Taylor offers Tulsa no moral compass and she cannot relate to Tulsa’s Christian community. That is just not an important part of her life.

If elected, she would raise every fee in the city and maximize utility rates. She’s rich – she can afford high utility rates, big property taxes and escalating sales tax. She will promote gigantic bond issues

Don’t take my word for it. Ask any city council member what Taylor is like to deal with. Unless you agree with everything she says, meeting behind closed doors usually end with her screaming or crying.

That’s no way to run a city.

She has no connection to the “little people” – ordinary Tulsans. She will deliver her state-of-the-city speeches to closed, high-dollar luncheons before the chamber. She will give cross-country trips on her company jet to councilors that play ball and she will have her media pals crucify anyone who dares disagree with her.

Tulsa can do so much better that this person. She needs to move to Berkley, California, or Boulder, Colorado, where progressives would embrace her liberalism and elitism.

She had to fool Republican women voters the first time around. Let’s hope common sense prevails in 2013.

• Why did Beethoven kill all of his chickens?

They kept saying, “Bach, Bach, Bach.”

(Editor’s note: Pointing out Beethoven’s deafness is a baroquen record. He went deaf at 26, more than enough time to be Chopin heads off his chickens. His disability tops the Liszt of oft-quoted historical facts but the details are Verdi important, too.)

• I entered 10 puns into a contest hoping one would win – “no pun in ten did.”

• You know what I hate about fashion designers? They are so clothes-minded.

• Have you guys ever heard of the Mexican Train Killer? He had loco motives.

• Russia and the United States have been struggling lately to be the first to open a restaurant in space. After years of research and funding, the United States finally opened a restaurant on the Moon and the reviews for their opening weekend just came back. They read “Good drinks, good food, but there’s just no atmosphere.”

• What did one frog say to the other? Time’s fun when you’re having flies.

• The college professor walks into a bar and says to the bartender, “I’ll have a martinus.”

The bartender, a bit perplexed, asks him, “Do you mean martini?”  The professor replied, “No thanks, I’ll just start with one.”

• What is so great about living in Switzerland?

Well, the flag is a big plus.

• My friend says she is doing good but she means “well.”

• Where did Napoleon Bonaparte keep his armies. In his “sleevies.”

• Apparently Neil Armstrong used to tell unfunny jokes about the Moon, and follow them up with “Ah, I guess you had to be there.”

• What’s brown and sticky? A stick.

• There were two snowmen standing in a field and one says to the other, “Can you smell carrots?”

• I’m reading a book about anti-gravity. I can’t put it down.

• I can’t stand Russian dolls – they are always so full of themselves.

• What do you get when you drop a piano down a mineshaft? A flat miner.

• What has a pie and my hand got in common?

They’ve both got “meringue” on it.

• They laughed when I said I wanted to be a comedian. Well, no one is laughing now.