Your Economy Now

Did you see that the U.S. economy is on track to expand at a 4.0 percent annualized rate in the third quarter with inventory investment adding 1.12 percentage points to growth?  These numbers were produced by the Atlanta Federal Reserve’s GDP new forecast model unveiled on August 3.  For the entire eight years of the Obama administration, the growth of the economy on average was well below 2.0 percent, but then again Mr. Obama did not care what happened at home as long as he got his way with Iran, supported climate change and promoted disastrous trade deals.

At the same time, Yahoo Finance reported that the Trump Presidency has been terrible for gun manufacturers.  The line is that gunmakers celebrate when Democrats are in charge.  People today are not in fear of the government taking away your second amendment rights as they would have been if Hillary were the president and some liberal “nut job” replaced Justice Antonio Scalia.  We are simply getting back to normal.

Bloomberg also reported that America has a talent shortage.  Nineteen percent of small business owners say they are planning to expand, but 35 percent said they couldn’t find the right people.  Of those rejecting job applications, 26 percent cited lack of special job skills, 14 percent pointed to subpar social skills and 10 percent said drug issues were to blame.  Oklahoma spends nearly $10,000 per pupil each year and we can’t teach a skill or how to interact with others?  Shame on the educational system that for years has been run by Democrats.

Maybe on the immigration side, it might be better for the country to grant visas to those with actual skills than those who will immediately go on the welfare rolls.  You may not realize just how generous we actually are.  Each year nearly two million people are allowed into the country.  This is more people than most countries across the globe combined.  With over 30 million illegals in the county why shouldn’t we “favor applicants who can financial support themselves and their families, and demonstrate skills?”

The current system simply does not work. Those who are here illegally must come out of the shadows, identify themselves and get into line.  Those with serious criminal offense should be deported and if they return should be imprisoned.

Now what about our real estate malls?  E-commerce has taken a terrible toll on traditional malls.  With store closures, owners must rethink the use of their property.  The space may be taken over by hospitals, apartments or hotels.  Why expand a hospital when a mall can be purchased on the cheap?  As many as 13,000 retail stores are expected to close next year compared to 4,000 in 2016, according to Cashman and Wakefield Inc.

And more good news about the economy.  July’s new jobs figure was 209,000.  About 153,513,000 people are employed.  Economists and predicted growth of 183,000 new jobs.

Now on to the stock market, which is up over 3,000 points since Mr. Trump’s election.  Today Dow Jones Industrial average stands at 22,054.  New wealth created is over $4 trillion.

According to the Wall Street Journal, it took just 183 trading days for the Dow to gain 20 percent under the Trump Presidency.  For Jimmy Carter it took 1,629 days.  Not bad for a President the Democrats and press can’t stand.  Keep it up Mr. President.  Your speech in West Virginia was great.