Youth Rowers perform well at district competition

On May 2-3, the Tulsa Youth Rowing Association competed at the U.S. Rowing Central District Youth Rowing Championships in Oklahoma City.

Rose Stewart-Maddox (Booker T. Washington High School) rowed to a silver medal place in the girls under-17-single competition.  The club also won the bronze medal in the boys’ lightweight fours and earned an invitation to Youth Nationals in June in Sarasota, Florida.

“It’s exciting that we have a crew competing in Nationals for the fourth consecutive year – as long as I’ve been there,” said Boys Varsity Coach Micah  Hartwell. “The club will miss its seniors. Our senior rowers have made a lasting impact on the culture of the program that I hope continues for years to come.”

Garrett Allan, a Union High School student and bow seat of the lightweight four, experienced a motocross accident five years ago.

He suffered a concussion and also had multiple bones that were broken. Doctors told him that he could never play another sport that could result in a concussion.

After recovering from the accident, Allan found out about the Tulsa Youth Rowing Association and started to compete with the club as an eight grader.

Allan started in the coxswain position but as he grew he became too heavy for the position and started to row in the boat full time.

After four years of training, he has reached the top levels of competition in the sport and has the chance to represent Tulsa at U.S. Rowing Youth Nationals.

“After my motocross wreck I found it very hard to let my favorite sport go, let alone look for a new one,” Allan said. “When my mom first told me about rowing, I was very hesitant but soon found out that this sport would change my life in more ways than one.

“I went from practicing two or three times a week, to practicing 6 days out of the week, which has more than helped me understand the importance of commitment.  Throughout my 4 years of rowing, with the guidance of the amazing TYRA coaches, I have learned discipline and the ability to push myself farther than I ever thought I could to attain the goals I have set for myself.”

The lineup for the boys LWT 4+ competing in Youth Nationals is:

Chase Antonacci (Cascia Hall), Dalton Hammond (Bishop Kelley), Aaron Pohl (Holland Hall), Garrett Allan (Union), and Jack Sadler (Booker T. Washington).

U.S. Rowing Youth Nationals takes place in Sarasota June 12-14, 2015.