Editorial: YWCA embraces illegal aliens

Here’s just one more reason why the “Young Women’s Christian Association” should not have nonprofit status.

The Tulsa YWCA is criticizing the “current political climate” and wants to bend over backwards to welcome “immigrants and refugees.”

“President Trump’s Executive Orders further militarize the southern border, interfere with local law enforcement and scapegoat immigrants and refugees,” said Mana Tahaie, Interim Director of Immigrant and Refugee Services. “These actions reinforce a divisive policy toward newcomers and Muslims, create a climate of fear and hostility toward them, and threaten both our core American values and our economy.”

In other words, the Tulsa leaders of the liberal YWCA want to welcome illegal aliens and unvetted Muslims despite federal and local laws. Instead of standing up for the rule of law, the YWCA wants to attack a president who is simply following the law.

This group should be the LWA (liberal women’s association) and strike Christian from their name. There is nothing Christian about this bunch of feminist radicals.

Of course, the YWCA has launched a special group with the obligatory membership fees of up to $250. After all, if there is money to be made by helping lawbreakers, it might as well line the coffers of the YWCA.

No one is against legal immigration but foreigners don’t have a constitutional right to come to America. We can only safely take so many. The way this must work is through the legal system. America is the most generous nation in the world when it comes to accepting others.

The YWCA in Tulsa is a lost cause.