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Here are hot spots for your family’s vacation this summer


How are you going to spend your summer vacation? That’s a big question right now for families with kids. With the Internet, planning for a perfect vacation is somewhat easier. Most parents believe that they must take their children to a Disney theme park at least once when they are growing up. I have had […]

The Showboat Branson Belle concert cruise has all you want


BRANSON, Missouri – Fine food, fun, fantastic music and a relaxing concert cruise over Table Rock Lake are the hallmarks of the Showboat Branson Belle. You can hardly tell when the 700-passenger paddle-wheeler eases away from the dock. The excitement begins when the show starts. The Showboat Branson Belle adventure begins with a great meal […]

Sight & Sound in Branson spotlights the saga of Moses


BRANSON, Missouri – “Let My people go.” Throughout the history of the Hebrew nation, the story of how God delivered the Israelites from slavery into the Promised Land has been inspiration for Jews and Christians. That story is being brought to life daily here in the Sight & Sound Theatre’s spectacular musical production of Moses. […]

Here is the best way to celebrate Easter Sunday April 16


Easter is Sunday, April 16, and many people will go to church who only attend once or twice a year. Some of these folks only show up at Christmas. Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ while Christmas celebrates His birth. In America, apart from church services, we don’t exactly celebrate Easter according to its […]

Now is the time to get serious about your backyard garden


It’s time to get serious about a backyard garden. We have a spot in a corner of our spacious backyard that is our primary garden. In years past, we have planted every inch with everything from corn (that didn’t work) to jalapeno peppers to carrots and sweet potatoes. We got peppers but they weren’t too […]

James Lankford helps make changes in Washington, D.C.


U.S. James Lankford, R-Oklahoma, has to be one of the busiest lawmakers in Washington, D.C. Lankford serves on the Senate Committee on Appropriations, the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs and others. That’s a lot to say grace over. The […]

We don’t see television shows like The Rifleman anymore


One of my favorite shows growing up was The Rifleman, starring the late Chuck Connors. It was set in the Old West and every episode was a morality play. The good guys always won. Filmed in black and white, The Rifleman had a five-year run on ABC that began in 1958. The setting was a […]

NFL, NBA, NCAA want to dictate law to lawmakers


The National Basketball League wants to determine who can use what bathroom in North Carolina and the National Football League wants to do the same in Texas. The liberal lawyers and teams owners in these sports leagues apparently fancy themselves to be state legislators. The NBA was so made at North Carolina that they moved […]

The only way to avoid driving on Tulsa’s bumpy streets


What’s the best way to travel in Tulsa? By helicopter. That’s because so many major streets are torn up. Instead of concentrating on a handful of projects and finishing them quickly, city leaders have a habit of starting projects all over the city and taking their own sweet time in getting them done. They obviously […]