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First Drillers’ game Downtown draws mixed reactions


I went to see a Drillers game downtown for the first time this month and overall, it was a good experience. Some men from my Sunday school class decided to buy tickets for a Friday night game and I went along. As a boy, I went to many baseball games at the old Oiler Park, […]

Lincoln Riley has big shoes to fill as Bob Stoops retires


When I read that Oklahoma football coach Bob Stoops had purchased a $2.5 million home in Chicago earlier this year, I wondered if that was a prelude to an early retirement. I can’t say I predicted that because I didn’t relate those thoughts to anyone. But when OU gave Offensive Coordinator Lincoln Riley a huge […]

‘Facts’ can change when it comes to climate scientists


“Science changes all the time.” That’s a quote from secularist Bill Nye, the “science guy.” If that is true, and it is, why must the public blindly accept anything put forward by the scientific community? Remember when Obama said “the science is settled” on human-cause “climate change (global warming)? deftly points out that before […]

NBA games just aren’t as much fun as they used to be


I got interested in the NBA back in the 1960s when Bill Russell and the Boston Celtics battled Wilt Chamberlain and Philadelphia 76ers. TV was “free” back then and there were only four channels and usually only one NBA game. The intro to that game was: “Come on and take time out, and pull up […]

Every 70 years or so, the Biggs Family hosts a wedding


Our lovely daughter Sarah is getting married in August to a wonderful young man, Josh. Sarah is a special part of our family. Most of the babies born in our family recently were boys. In fact, we had 13 boys born in a row until Sarah was born. That string stretched over 72 years. My […]

Mowing the summer lawn is a love/hate relationship


I have a love/hate relationship with my lawnmower. I love mowing my yard, a corner lot, because it is good exercise. I always work up a sweat and after it is done and I have cooled down, it always feels good. And I love when my yard looks pretty. I am not possessed with having […]

Mothers paint a lasting, vivid picture of unselfishness


When my sainted Mother was on her deathbed in 1959, she made my late Father commit to one promise – that he would keep their five boys, ages 5-13 at that time, together as a family. Thanks to a visionary Mother and a faithful Father, we did stick together. I was that 5-year-old back in […]

High school proms have changed a lot in the past 45 years


Forty-five years ago (ouch), I graduated from Nathan Hale High School. I spent three wonderful years at the best school in town with the sharpest teachers and the finest friends you could ever ask for. Make that, “for which you could ever ask,” We will have our class of ’72 45th reunion July 22-24 here […]

After sixteen years, the Tulsa Beacon is still going strong


This month, the Tulsa Beacon celebrated its 16th anniversary. Susan and I started the newspaper on April 25, 2001. Have we been successful? Well, yes and no. Our longevity is a good measure of success. Since 2001, many newspapers have gone out of business. That includes the Glenpool Post (which we started in 1984 and […]

Bible authors speak of Babylon and return of Jesus Christ


Iraq, the ancient land of the Chaldeans, has a major role in Bible prophecy in end times, author Phillip Goodman said at a Bible conference here last week. Goodman is director of the Mid-America Prophecy Conference and head of Bible Prophecy as Written Ministries, headquartered in Tulsa. “Babylon has a future,” Goodman said. Goodman said […]