John 3:16 Mission believes that ‘Hope begins with a meal’


My first introduction to John 3:16 Mission was in the 1960s. I was just a kid at Tulsa Bible Church when the late Pastor Bob Kelso gathered up a bunch of kids and took us down to the old Tribune Building at 20 E. Archer Street in Downtown Tulsa. (By the way, that building was […]

American Christians need to realize the Islamic threat


As I write this article early Sunday morning, on the heels of yet another Islamic attack (the killing of fourteen people in San Bernardino), Obama is scheduled to speak to the nation tonight.  The pundits are making their predictions about what he will say, but the likelihood of getting real leadership to protect this country […]

Why Be an American Ally?


As the debate begins on allowing 100,000 Syrian refugees into the country, we might do well to remember how we treated those who “bonded with us,”  fought and died for America’s interests. Today both the FBI director and Homeland Security secretary have volunteered that we do not have a vetting system that is reliable.  The […]

The rise of Islamofascism places Americans in greater danger


Seventy-four years ago this month, the United States of America was, again, thrown into an all-out war because of a sneak attack instigated by the Empire of Japan. Like the previous World War I, the United States was not a perpetrator to get into the action. Also like World War I, our citizens came together […]

Good transportation a must for state


Investment in transportation – specifically roads and bridges – is a core function of government and vital to Oklahoma’s economic development and growth.  George Washington in 1785 stated, “The credit, the saving and the convenience of this country all require that our great roads leading from one place to another should be straightened and established […]

International travel has changed with Islamic terrorism


In 2014, my college-age daughter asked about going to France to study with an engineering group from Oklahoma University. She was young but she is very self-reliant. And she was very set on making this summer internship trip which would last for several weeks. My kids have traveled, mostly in this region and to Florida. […]

Attacks on religious liberty continue in the United States


I am reading two books now that I believe that Christians need to take notice of, not because they are correct, but because there is just enough truth in them to be instructional. Both books are by Marci A. Hamilton, God vs. the Gavel, Religion and the Rule of Law, published in 2005, and God […]

Seeing through the fog


There were two excellent articles appearing in the Sunday newspapers.  One was an article by Francis Wilkinson writing for Bloomberg View and the second by Kevin Carey written for the Sunday New York Times. In the Wilkinson’s column, the question posed was, “If the Tea Party is dying, why is Trump winning?” According to the […]

The War on Christianity and the Ten Commandments Monument


Here in Oklahoma, we have gone through a much publicized part of the “War on Christianity” concerning a granite monument engraved with the Ten Commandments placed on the grounds of the State Capitol in Oklahoma City.  The total expense of this manufacture and installation was paid by my state representative, flight surgeon, and personal doctor […]

Shangri-La is below Heaven on my list


I have confessed before that I am a dreamer. Being this type of person has its ups and downs. You’re always looking forward to something, but you’ll never get to see all your dreams fulfilled. There are several things I would love to do. I would like to take my wife to Paris and spend […]