Senators point to Planned Parenthood ethical problems


U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe, R-Oklahoma, joined 49 of his fellow senators in a letter to Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell following the release of footage by the Center for Medical Progress depicting senior Planned Parenthood Federation of America executives discussing in gruesome detail the organization’s role in the harvesting of the […]

Graham festival seeking singers


The Good News Festival with Franklin Graham is seeking singers from across Oklahoma to join the Festival Choir which will perform on the second day of the Festival, August 23, and also sing back-up for Grammy award-winning musical artist Michael W. Smith. Oklahoma City will host the first local choir to perform at a Billy […]

Child car seat law is on its way


Oklahoma will soon be one of the few states with a child passenger safety law that meets the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics. The Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) believes that proper car seat and booster seat use reduces the chance of death in a motor vehicle crash by 71 percent for […]

Older drivers and depression


Older Americans who have stopped driving are almost two times more likely to suffer from depression and nearly five times as likely to enter a long-term care facility than those who remain behind the wheel, according to a new report released by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety and Columbia University. The study examined older […]

Prepackaged raw stuffed chicken could have salmonella


State health officials and the Centers for Disease Control are investigating an outbreak of salmonella enteritidis in some prepackaged stuffed chicken products. Several brands of frozen, raw chicken products have been recalled, including Barber Foods, Meijer, Sysco and Omaha Steaks. These products were packaged in smaller quantities for home use and in larger quantities for […]

Ten Commandments’ ruling stands


The Oklahoma Supreme Court rejected a request by Attorney General Scott Pruitt who filed an additional brief asking the court to reconsider its recent ruling on the Ten Commandments in light of the implications to other state programs. “The Oklahoma Supreme Court’s ruling was wrong because it ignored the profound historical impact of the Ten […]

Vouchers, savings accounts affected


A push to amend the state Constitution to keep a Ten Commandments monument at the State Capitol could also boost efforts to expand school choice vouchers and education savings accounts in Oklahoma. The future of vouchers and education savings accounts in the state has been murky  since an Oklahoma County District Court judge ruled that […]

Illegal seizure of property targeted


Sen. Kyle Loveless, R-Oklahoma City, reacted to the Oklahoma congressional delegation’s support of the Fifth Amendment Integrity Restoration Act (FAIR Act) — legislation aimed at reforming civil asset forfeiture laws at the federal level. Under current law, local agencies can team up with federal law enforcement in a program known as equitable sharing where local […]

PTA group wants to boycott testing


Oklahoma’s Parent Teacher Association voted this month to boycott all non-federally mandated tests in an attempt to pressure lawmakers to cut back the number of high-stakes tests students take. The boycott targets the state’s writing tests, history and geography tests and any end-of-instruction tests not needed to graduate, but would not affect most math, English […]

Planned Parenthood sells parts of babies


Americans are outraged and calling for legal investigations because of an undercover video of a high-ranking Planned Parenthood doctor talking about selling body parts of unborn babies who have been aborted in their clinics. The Center for Medical Progress shot the video last July. It has two undercover actors posing as employees of a biotech […]