Editorial: Houston stops homosexual plans


On November 3, voters in Houston rejected by a 3-2 margin a proposed ordinance that would have promoted homosexuality in its municipal government. Good for those Texans. Houston is the biggest city in the nation with an openly lesbian mayor, Annise Parker. She wants Houston to be the modern version of Sodom and is working […]

Editorial: Getting ready for budget cutbacks


Gov. Mary Fallin is issuing executive orders for the heads of state authorities, boards and commissions to begin plans to cut their budgets by 10 percent in light of the impending revenue shortfalls. She also has taken steps to instruct state bureaucrats to look into the sale of surplus equipment and surplus real estate. The […]

Editorial: ‘Woman of the year’ is not one


It looks like Glamour Magazine will name Bruce Jenner its “woman of the year” for 2015. What? Jenner is the former Olympic athlete who won a gold medal and then married into the Kardashian clan. He shocked the normal world earlier this year by announcing that he “wanted to become a woman.” Jenner apparently has […]

Editorial: Tulsa school failure unacceptable


Fifty-two schools – mostly elementaries – in Tulsa Public Schools got failing grades in the 2015 A-F Report Cards from the Oklahoma Department of Education. That’s not acceptable. The state superintendent and TPS officials quickly criticized the testing criteria in an effort to deflect criticism for such a poor showing. Tulsa had 28 percent of […]

Letter to the editor: CAIR has no place in Veterans Parade


In a recent interview with Fox News I was asked how I felt about Muslims being in the Tulsa Veterans Day parade. I emphatically stated, “Great. They need to be in the parade but why is CAIR involved? “If they have a DD-214 and served honorably, they need to be in the parade.” I couldn’t […]

Letter to the editor: New ideas for public education now


Oklahoma currently has 517 schools districts, down from 544. Of the 517 districts, 131 of the districts have fewer than 250 students. Each of these districts requires a school superintendent. It seems to me to reduce cost and shift money to teacher salaries, converting to a county school administrative system should at least be looked […]

Editorial: Honoring America’s veterans


At the onset of World War II, America drafted teenagers, taught them how to fight and protect themselves and sent them off to war. They had no choice but to leave their homeland and fight tirelessly against ruthless enemies to save the world from tyranny. Their sacrifice paid for our freedom. This was also true […]

Editorial: No to increased state sales tax


A group will soon start circulating an initiative petition to raise the state sales tax by one penny to raise money for education. They would have 90 days to get 123,000 signatures. If successful, the idea would get on the ballot on November of 2016. This is not a good plan. First, more money won’t […]

Editorial: Socialist candidates on the Left


The first Democrat presidential debate on October 13 delineated clear distinctions between national Democrats and conservative Republicans. Bernie Sanders, who is brutally honest, doesn’t like rich people. He wants to redistribute the assets of rich Americans to poorer Americans so that eventually everyone has the same amount – regardless of what they have accomplished in […]

Editorial: Violating the First Amendment


Since 1973, pregnancy resource centers founded by sincere Christians have been started all over America to help women decide to deliver their unborn babies rather than put them to death in an abortion clinic. Places like Mend Pregnancy Resource Center in Tulsa give medical care, financial assistance, child care training, employment help plus Christian counseling […]